Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pull Up a Chair, Offense

Rockies 12, Padres 7

Very quick recap today, as it is the crack of freaking dawn and I have to head to the airport to catch a plane to Denver. If you need a more detailed rundown, check out the sites listed in my blogroll sidebar. Those guys will take good care of you.

Just four things.

1) Hits. So many hits. 16 hits, to be exact, which is more than the Rockies have managed in any game this season. I would say, "Well, they were getting those hits off Dustin Moseley, who's not exactly lights out," but let's face it. Lately, the Rox have been making the likes of Chris Capuano and Ryan Vogelsong look like aces. So cheers, Rockies. Lots of hits, and I don't care who was throwing the balls.

2) Pitches. Lots of those too. 102 for Jorge De La Rosa in 5 2/3 innings, on his way to giving up 5 runs. Matt Belisle allowed 2 more. But the pitching has been carrying this club for too long, and at the end of the day the bats need to be reliable enough to keep the game going if the starting pitcher is struggling. DLR has shown great consistency this season, but he's not perfect, and I appreciate the Rockies getting the win for him anyway. That's what should have happened for Ubaldo Jimenez at least twice. And wow, Padres pitching. You guys used to be so good. Granted, we did not face Mike Adams or Heath Bell last night, but STILL. Yikes.

3) Ty Wigginton back at the hot corner: Like.

4) Well hello San Francisco. Scooch over a little bit there. You're not the only team at the top of the division anymore.

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