Sunday, May 8, 2011

While My Bat Gently Weeps

Rockies 0, Giants 3

Some things that are making my heart hurt:

1) The Rockies got swept for the first time this season.

2) Holding the broom were the San Francisco Giants who are a) the World Champions, b) our biggest division rivals now and likely throughout the season, and c) not really all that nice.

3) After going 17-8 in April, the Rockies are 1-6 so far in May.

4) Jorge De La Rosa got his first loss after starting out as strong as he ever has. It came despite the extraordinarily professional way in which he adjusted to some control problems in the early innings. He gave up 4 walks in 2 innings, but held the Giants scoreless by getting 2 double plays and 2 strikeouts. Of course, he did allow 4 hits, one of which was an RBI single to Cody Ross and another of which was a 2-run home run to Cody Ross (scoring Buster Posey, who walked). But it was a good start. He really wasn't outpitched by the Giants' Ryan Vogelsong. And yet, the loss.

5) The Rockies now lead the division by only 1 game.

6) Jim Tracy's disparaging comments about the team to the press. He's such a fatherly manager most of the time, and if he goes all Ozzie Guillen on me I'm going to be very upset. Granted, the things he said were true, but he's not winning any popularity contests with Rockies fans right now, and if he can't take responsibility for his own part in these losses, we're going to like him even less.

7) The bats. Everything about them. The fact that they were pink actually made it worse. If the Major League Baseball community intends to do to breast cancer what the Rockies did to the baseball today, we're all in an enormous amount of trouble.

That's all. I'm going to go nurse my hurting heart now.


  1. "but he's not winning any popularity contests with Rockies fans right now" Actually I like he more now that he actually and came out and said all those things. Sure some questionable bullpen calls but if we could hit the ball that may help. I 100% agree with his comments on Stewart, he is going to play himself out of a Job. I can't wait for Ty to get healthy. I will watch us turn it around tonight on Root Sports channel 414 on DISH Network in HD. I work at DISH and right now you can qualify to get HD free for life. Check out to learn how.

  2. Regardless of how you or I feel, the fact of the matter is Rockies fans are not thrilled with Tracy's management of the team during this road trip. I'm not disagreeing with what he said about Stewart, I just question the wisdom of saying those things publicly without making any reference to the things Tracy himself might have done differently. Everybody needs to take responsibility for what's gone wrong this week, and make an effort to fix those things going forward.