Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's an Off Day

On off days I publish link collections to direct you to the best baseball blog posts and articles I've read recently. Hope you enjoy them. I have nothing clever to say about them except that I hope all the people whose links I've posted here like to return favors :). Oh - and this particular set of links is kind of Drew Pomeranz heavy. That wasn't intentional but I'm not sad about it.

  • On July 24th, after a particularly dismal loss (the details of it escape me; sometimes this whole season feels like one big long Sunday) I wrote a letter to the Rockies. I guess it struck a chord because it became my most viewed all-time within 12 hours. So you should maybe read it if you haven't.
  • Following the Ubaldo Jimenez trade, I published an emotional reaction on my site, but not a logistical one. I've since published several, all on Fansided sites, so you may or may not have seen them. They can be found here, here, and here.
  • Um, why do bad things keep happening to the Broncos? Sports Authority Field at Mile High, really?
  • Andrew Fisher's piece on the Rockies signings/lack thereof following this most recent draft isn't very optimistic. But this is a homegrown organization, and it is a little frustrating that Tyler Anderson took so long to sign and that no one else did. Perhaps this is now an organization that trades away top-shelf players for other people's prospects because they can no longer sign any of their own.
  • Three things I love: 1) the Giants' recent collapse; 2) Brian Wilson behaving like a tool, because it reinforces the opinion I already have of him; 3) Bryan Rosa of Frisco Fastball. Even though he is a Giants fan. He is freaking hilarious.
  • Dear Edgar Gonzalez: I'm sure you are a very nice person. Unfortunately, you will always be remembered as the guy who took Ubaldo Jimenez's number and then got designated for assignment after pitching 1 inning. Perhaps this is the beginning of something we fans might call The #38 Curse? I don't know. Either way, I'm not very sorry you fell victim to it. Good luck, kid.
  • David Martin of Rockies Review got an interview with Trevor Story, and it's pretty illuminating. From where I'm sitting, it sounds like he's with the Rockies for the right reasons. Hopefully by the time he's playing at the big-league level, they'll be that team again. If he joined them now, he'd probably be enormously let down.
  • I don't want to talk about the Sunday losing streak anymore, especially now that it's officially a major league record. Fortunately, Troy Renck does (or has to). So I direct you to him.
  • Keep this in mind: things can always get worse. At least we don't have to deal with Big Z.
  • If this season's MVP were chosen today, Justin Upton would win over Tulo. Desperately sad as this makes me, I kind of agree with Eric Karabell a little bit. Just a little bit.
  • A little more Broncos. I dislike Tim Tebow but that's 100% because he went to the University of Florida and I will never be able to find it in my heart to like a former Gator footballer. If he wasn't a Gator, I might like him. This article is as good a reason as any, and it's pretty thought-provoking to boot.
  • To be a baseball fan, you have to have a bit of an obsessive personality. This goes without saying. You can't focus on something that demands your attention 6-7 days a week for half the year without being willing to obsess a little. What I love is finding out about what other things my fellow baseball fans affix their obsessiveness to when they aren't thinking about baseball. Bryan O'Connor affixes his to music. This is the result. It is awesome.

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