Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's an Off Day

Here's some stuff to read while the Rockies hang out on Mission Beach. True baseball fans are tuning into teams in tight division races this time of year, so there are games to watch tonight. You can click on these links during the time you'd otherwise spend tweeting about Jim Tracy's dumb lineup choices this afternoon and/or reading Rockies game recaps tomorrow morning.

  • I am incredibly unathletic, and I'm not one of those fans that came to the game because I played it myself. Girls don't play baseball, and I have no interest in softball. It's always been baseball for me, and always as a fan. Because of that, I don't really get Little League. But it's hard not to love the LLWS. Zach Cohn digs a little deeper.
  • Lately I've tweeted multiple times that I think the Rockies' play-off hopes are shot. It makes people mad. All right, if you don't want to hear it from me, hear it from David Martin.
  • Confession: I cried a little bit while reading this. Truth.
  • Huston isn't closing anymore?? Well, either he will be again or he'll find another team that wants to use him in that role. Huston ain't no set-up man. But you can't argue with what Rafael Betancourt is doing right now though. And I appreciate Jim Tracy's willingness to think outside the box on this one, especially since he hasn't shown an inclination to do that in any other area.
  • Clearly Christina Kahrl has never watched the Rockies try their hand at baserunning.
  • I am really glad the Rockies didn't make a deal for Wandy Rodriguez, and I'm even more glad that they didn't give up Wilin Rosario for him. Logan Burdine presents a compelling counterargument that made me think even though I disagree.
  • I'm no statistician, but luckily Kerry Moss is. This piece is almost enough to convince me I should pretend that math is my best subject and go read a book on all this stuff for once.
  • If DOD does one good thing in the off-season, I hope it's find somebody solid to start at third base every day. I don't necessarily think that person is not with the organization right now, but with all the changes it's hard to be sure of that. If he does try to trade/sign, I'd take any of these guys (except Mark Reynolds).
  • If you write about the Rockies, you've written about how Jim Tracy HAS GOT TO GO some time in the past couple weeks. I could give you a million links, but the best, or at least the most concise, is Logan Burdine's take.
  • Poor Joe Beimel, unwanted by yet another team. At least the Bucs are relevant-ish this season, so I feel less bad than I would if this had happened to him last season.
  • Usually when players become Scott Boras clients, they hightail it in the opposite direction of mid-market teams like the Rockies (see: Holliday, Matt). Carlos Gonzalez is different somehow, and I am so glad. (I also really wish we had Jered Weaver.)
  • I am neither a Giants fan nor a Brandon Belt fan, but I still think my life might be better if I owned this T-shirt. If you don't know the "Keep Belt Awkward" story, read it here in his own words. P.S. Can we Rockies fans please get creative and come up with better T-shirts than "We Want Tacos"? Seriously.
  • In my opinion, a true fan doesn't turn on her team under any circumstances. I know I said in the intro that true fans also like tight races late in the season, but that's just because if you really love the game, the play-offs are exciting. I always pick favorites in all the postseason series and watch them with rapt attention, because I LOVE the game of baseball. However, none of this means that I don't still root for my team with all my heart in every game they play till the end. I shouldn't have to convince you why you should do the same, and neither should Andrew Martin. But he does a damn good job.
  • And here's David Schoenfield's argument for why you should continue watching baseball in general. This really is the time of year when it's wise to start paying attention to what cool things other teams and players are doing (even if, like me, you hope the Phillies crash and burn before they get anywhere near 108 wins). Keep up with the Rockies, but don't miss the bigger picture of what's going on around the show.

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