Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rockies News 11/2-11/8

  • I neglected to mention some roster moves in last week's post, so I'll do that now. The 40-man roster is once again closer to 40 with the activation of Charlie Blackmon, Jorge de la Rosa, Jonathan Herrera, Juan Nicasio, and Ryan Spilborghs. This doesn't mean anything in terms of actual playing; all these guys could be put right back on the DL when opening day rosters are set if necessary (and this will happen for DLR and Nicasio). But it give us a clearer picture of how many current spots we have for acquisitions (3) and where everybody stands contract-wise. You can view the updated 40-man here.
  • A bunch of guys you haven't heard of declared minor league free agency last week, but a few guys you have heard of did as well. These include Willy Taveras, Eric Stults, Jose Morales, Jorge Cantu, Matt Daley, and Alan Johnson. I'm especially sad about Daley, who had a few stellar appearances out of the bullpen prior to meltdown and injury. I wouldn't mind seeing the Rockies re-sign him. Jorge Cantu, on the other hand, can go on his way.
  • Troy Tulowitzki won another Silver Slugger, so good on him for that. I like that award better than the Gold Glove since it actually seems to honor what it purports to. Aren't we lucky to have such a productive shortstop? If he's a Silver Slugger given his issues this season, imagine how much worse it could be.
  • There are a few trade rumors swirling around, most notably regarding Martin Prado of the Atlanta Braves and Jamey Carroll of the Dodgers. Carroll's name has been in the mix practically since he left the Rockies a few years ago. At least that's how it feels to me. I like Carroll just fine, he's a good guy, and he drove in the winning run in our play-in game. However, as I have said, I like Mark Ellis as our everyday second baseman and I'm going to get pretty stubborn about that. So head on back to L.A. Jamey. As for Prado, well, we need a third baseman. I wish it could be Ian Stewart, but we all know how that worked out in 2011.
  • Jim Armstrong was fired from his job at The Denver Post for betting on sports. That was really hard for me to stomach. Life's not fair, but that hits home pretty intensely when someone who gets paid to write about the team you spend hours writing about for free does something like this. I don't know Jim personally so I won't say any more about him than that. I hope he can find some resolution.

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