Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rockies News 11/9-11/15

  • The biggest news in Rockies land this week was free agent Mark Ellis's new contract with the Dodgers. It's good for $8.75 million over the next 2 years, with an option for a third. Ellis is worth at least that much, and the Dodgers desperately need someone like him (though where they're getting the money for this deal and the others they've made is a head-scratcher). But I think the Rockies should have fought harder for him. I don't even know what our infield looks like next year, and I had more hope for it with Ellis still a possibility.
  • Complicating matters is Ian Stewart. It's looking more and more like he will get an official last chance at third base this season, and if the Rockies take Prado they could very well put him at 2nd. This is more likely than it was last week now that Mark Ellis is gone. However, the Tigers are moving in as well, though rumors that the Braves are interested in Delmon Young appear to be false. If you can untangle all that and figure out who's going to wind up with who, you're a rock star.
  • Free agent Grady Sizemore is also on the Rockies' radar. I'm opposed to him as a viable outfield option, though. He's too fragile. We already have one outfielder who can't seem to stop breaking, and we really don't need another.
  • Juan Nicasio continues to make fantastic progress coming back from his neck injury. This is probably too much to hope, but what if he pitched for us opening day? The Rockies might finally get their own feature film.
  • This has nothing to do with the Rockies, but the Nationals' Wilson Ramos was kidnapped in Venezuela last week and safely rescued a couple days later. What a terrifying situation. I'm just really glad he's all right.

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