Monday, November 7, 2011

Rockies Retread: April 5, 1993

April 5, 1993 was the Rockies' first game as a team. They played at Shea Stadium in Flushing, New York, and the New York Mets were their opponents. The starting lineup from that day features some familiar faces: Eric Young led off and played 2nd base, Dante Bichette hit third and played right field, and Andres Galarraga was the clean-up hitter, playing 1st base. The Big Cat was the only Rockies hitter to reach base twice in the game, which Colorado lost 3-0. Charlie Hayes and Joe Girardi also started that day.

David Nied, the Rockies first selection in the expansion draft, started the game. He lasted 5 innings and allowed 2 runs on 6 hits, including a home run by Bobby Bonilla, of all people. (The Bobby Bonilla story is one of my favorites. He was patently terrible with the Mets and his attitude matched. Thanks to his contract, though, the team owes him a $1.2 million payout every July until 2035. Oh the woes of the Mets.)

Butch Henry pitched a couple of innings and allowed a run, while Gary Wayne pitched a scoreless 8th. Did you even remember those guys pitched for the Rockies? Call me a bad fan, but I didn't. I'll blame it on the fact that I didn't start following the team till '95, so anybody who played with them before then didn't really cross my radar. I think it's worth mentioning that Henry's full name is Floyd Bluford Henry. That just seems like something the world ought to know.

The Rockies lost their first game, but at least they weren't blown out. And you know what? Not a baserunning error in sight.

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