Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekly Link Round-Up

This feature appears on off days during the regular season, but I decided to keep it around during the offseason because it's really fun to spotlight the great stuff other writers are putting out there. Generally speaking, the articles I post here will have been published within the past couple of weeks, though in this post I'm going back a little further since I haven't done a link round-up in almost two months.

  • The media firestorm over some of the Cardinals' superstars leaving the clubhouse early and dodging reporters' questions after Game 2 was a little overblown in my opinion. David Schoenfeld elucidates the issue, and expands it to discuss the larger concern of team leadership. It's an interesting piece, though I could not disagree more with Jim Leyland's assertion of just what a leader does.
  • This has a picture of Charlie Blackmon so it gets automatic recognition.
  • There's an interesting phenomenon that occurs during the play-offs, where obscure players who probably aren't really that good have a couple of really good games and suddenly become superstars. Anybody can have a similar two- or three-game stretch of brilliance, but if they're unlucky enough to have it in the regular season, no one will care. Also, it's rarely sustainable (see: last year's NLCS and World Series MVP's Cody Ross and Edgar Renteria). This year's case in point is Allen Craig, whom you may vaguely recall as a guy who had one minute of fame before he was eclipsed by David Freese.
  • I dislike Fox's sports broadcasting all year round, but I have an especially strong distaste for it when the World Series has just ended and I've had to spend way too much time with it. So anybody who wants to make fun of anything they do is fine with me.
  • I don't think Troy Renck gives Mark Ellis enough credit for his contributions to the Rockies in the second half of 2011. IMHO, Jim Tracy couldn't get his act together long enough to make Ellis fit with the team. I guess we'll find out whether the front office wants to give the whole thing another chance.
  • Greg Stanwood's story on the Luis Terrero signing is worth a read if you know nothing about him, as I didn't. Bonus info on the Rockies' payroll situation for 2012. And Stanwood and I happen to agree on the guy the Rockies should be most aggressively shopping this winter. Don't hate us for it though.
  • I am so flsdkhjsdlkjad sick of Tim Tebow. But chances are you probably aren't, so just read this and leave me alone.
  • Let me be the first to tell you that the New York Daily News is not the most reputable source. But amid all this "beer drinking in the dugout/clubhouse" nonsense going on in Boston, it reported that Jason Giambi used to imbibe with Roger Clemens as a Yankee. I won't hold that against him since I don't begrudge him his doping past either, but ick.
  • Octavio Dotel continues to haunt the Rockies by being awesome as a Cardinal.
  • It's pretty craptastic that the Rockies' World Series legacy is the 15th best pitching matchup of the past 20 Game 1's, and that this guy, a good writer who I like, remembers our ace's name as "Josh Francis."
  • MLB Trade Rumors' piece on the Rockies' arbitration-eligible players. Considering how much drama surrounded each of these guys this year, it promises to be an interesting offseason.
  • Somebody needs to take away Frank McCourt's allowance. Seriously.
  • If you missed it, here's the post with my picks for the NL Player of the Year. I voted for the same guys (because voting for different ones seemed stupid) in my role as a contributor to the Fansided network, and here's the final tally for the network as a whole. My top 9 were the same as the overall, though in a slightly different order. And my #10 won 16th place. So I feel pretty good about those choices.
  • If you didn't read Mark Townsend's Detention Lecture to the Rockies, your life is incomplete. You know what, even if you did read it, your life could probably stand to be completer still. Read it again.
  • I haven't seen Moneyball yet, because I'm waiting until winter when I'm in the throes of baseball withdrawal and need a fix (desperately hoping it will still be in theaters when that moment comes). When I do go see it, I will be toting a copy of Andrew Fisher's article on the Rockies' connections to the movie, so I don't miss a single one.

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