Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Important Announcement

Dear faithful readers,

I have made the very difficult decision to place this site on hiatus for the time being. I've been given the opportunity to take over as editor of Rox Pile, the Rockies site on the Fansided network. I've been a contributor at Rox Pile since early in the 2011 season, but will now be writing over there full time. One of the requirements now that I'm editor is that I don't write about the Rockies for any other site, so I can concentrate my energy over there. It has been a very productive and rewarding nine months for me here, and it's hard to let it go.

I sincerely hope that, if you haven't already been reading my work on Rox Pile, you'll follow me over there. I'll be continuing my Rockies Retread and Homegrown Homecoming series there, in addition to my Weekly Link Round-Ups. Once the season starts, you can count on my regular recaps there as well.

If you subscribe to my blog, please cancel your subscription and subscribe to Rox Pile instead. Also, if you link to my site on your own site, please change the url to Thank you so much for reading and interacting with me. Despite the Rockies' major failures in 2011, it was one of my most enjoyable seasons yet as a fan, simply because I have found such a great community to cheer alongside of.

See you over at Rox Pile!

Michelle (Rockies Woman)

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