Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rockies News 11/30-12/6

  • Obviously, the biggest news of this week was Chris Iannetta being traded to the Los Angeles Angels. I hate losing homegrown players, but you already know that, so I won't waste your time with my boo-hoos.  It's a score for the Angels, who made the mistake of cutting Mike Napoli loose and could really use the offensive production Iannetta will provide. In exchange, the Rockies got Tyler Chatwood, a very young pitching prospect with 142 innings of major-league experience. I appreciate that Dan O'Dowd is trying to restore a farm system that's been weakened by some crummy draft picks, but I'd appreciate it more if he stops with Chatwood. I think among him, Drew Pomeranz, Alex White, and Juan Nicasio we have plenty of guys with less than a year in the bigs. O'Dowd's next target likely will be, and certainly should be, a veteran to provide an anchor for these kids. I really wouldn't mind it if that guy was Kevin Millwood, but there hasn't been a lot of buzz surrounding him. It will most certainly not be Roy Oswalt, to the surprise of no one.
  • Perhaps O'Dowd thinks he's already got his veteran SP in Kevin Slowey, acquired from the Twins yesterday for a player to be named later. Slowey throws strikes and gives up lots of fly balls. He's also coming off a zero-win 2011. So he's not really any more of a sure thing than all these young kids we have.
  • The Rockies also signed a 2-year, $6.5 million contract with former Reds catcher Ramon Hernandez. Hernandez will pick up where Iannetta left off as the starting catcher, providing slightly less offense (2.0 WAR compared to Netta's 3.3 in 2011) and holding Wilin Rosario's place. The reason this was a good signing is that Hernandez is cheap and experienced, and he'll be easier to give up when Rosario is ready to take over. I'm not opposed to Hernandez at all, I just wish Iannetta didn't have to be sacrificed to make him possible.
  • The Rockies are still shopping Huston Street and Ian Stewart, though no deals are in the works yet. And we're still sniffing around Martin Prado, but nothing happening over there either. The winter meetings are going on right now, so expect some kind of deal to come soon. Street for Reds' pitcher Edinson Volquez is being tossed around and, as he would be a more reliable option than Slowey, I could go for that.
  • Juan Nicasio is doing great and expected to compete for a spot in the rotation this spring. How unbelievable is that story? I just love him.

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