Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekly Link Round-Up

Stuff to read.

  • Is it just me, or did the Diamondbacks' rotation just cross the line from "good" to "others in the division better run for cover"?
  • Andrew Martin considers what the Rockies' recent moves say about the front office's attitude toward the players.
  • Seedlings to Stars thinks Drew Pomeranz is the 29th-best prospect in baseball.
  • James Loney rakes against the Rockies, but it turns out the breathalyzer rakes against him.
  • Jayson Stark insisted to us all that there was no way Albert Pujols would sign with someone before the end of the winter meetings. And then he did.
  • I am very definitively NOT a Braves, fan, but the guys over at Tomahawk Take have kind of been killing it lately. Fred Owens had the brilliant idea (which I will be copying at some point) to post a list of stats of Atlanta trade targets, minus the namesSo people could decide whom they'd choose without any of the prejudice that comes with knowing who a player is. Then he did a follow-up post revealing who each player was. It was awesome.
  • Old Time Family Baseball produced one of the best holiday gift lists I've ever seen. I personally need every single one of these items, especially that Jim Thome game, so Santa better get busy.
  • Juan Nicasio is my hero until further notice. Or more like forever.
  • The Mets have really rotten luck, and I think that's about 60% funny and 40% depressing. I realize it's a luxury to think it's even that funny, one that I wouldn't have if I were a dyed-in-the-wool Mets fan. But I will tell you that it totally cracked me up when I was at Citi Field last spring and the Rockies were sweeping the Mets in a 4-game series, and a bunch of guys wearing paper bags on their heads chanted "Fire Wilpon!" for at least a full inning.
  • Juan Marichal is going to have a chat with Ubaldo Jimenez to try to help him figure out what went wrong last season. In other news, Juan Marichal is awesome.
  • I can't think of many reasons to like the Red Sox, but I can think of lots of reasons to strongly dislike them. For starters, these.

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