Saturday, December 24, 2011

Weekly Link Round-Up

This round-up is both shorter (holiday weekend and all) and heavy on Michael Cuddyer reactions.

  • I've got a new writer at Rox Pile, Hayden Kane, who wrote a terrific post on why Cuddyer would be a good fit for the Rockies before the deal was done.
  • Hayden also wrote this follow-up post which is even better. Kid is gunning for my job. I just might give it to him if he keeps this up.
  • David Martin says the move reflects the Rockies' inability to lock a player into a single position. It's a keen observation.
  • Mark Townsend reminds us that we would probably react strongly to any big free agent signing, especially since they rarely happen, and that Cuddyer brings a lot to the team.
  • Heyyyyyyy Justin Klugh. You're officially my biggest writing crush of all time. And now you know. XOXO Rockies Woman.
  • The Indians should know better than to put Jose Lopez back on the same team with Ubaldo Jimenez. This is just a theory, but I'm pretty sure Ubaldo's implosion last year could be blamed on his proximity to Lopez.
  • I wouldn't mind it if the Rockies got Brad Lidge. At least we know the man can breathe above sea level.

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