My civilian name is Michelle Hoag, but my superhero name is Rockies Woman. My power is delivering male-caliber baseball knowledge in a much prettier package :)

I'm a native Coloradoan currently living in New York City and pursuing a Master's in Writing at Manhattanville College. I hold a Bachelor's in Middle School Education from the University of Georgia and taught middle school language arts in New York City for three years. I love to read everything I can get my hands on, drive with the windows open and the music up, go camping, and, most of all, cheer for the Colorado Rockies.

You can contact me at, and I can also be found on twitter as @rockieswoman1.

What This Site Is About
I write mostly recaps. These will typically appear the same day as an afternoon or early evening game, and the morning after a night game. (Night games, for the record, are any games that end at 8:30 p.m. MDT or later. I live on the east coast and I like sleep.) I also write monthly report cards detailing the Rockies' performance over the past 30-31 days in several different categories. I used to be a teacher, and I start to develop a twitch if I don't give somebody a grade every so often. Additionally, I publish off-day digests featuring the best of the Rockies and general baseball posts I read in the previous week or so. I'm a shameless nepotist, so priority is given to those writers who actually interact with me :) Of course, quality is key, and I won't post a link to something I don't think worth reading, no matter who wrote it.

What You Will Not Find Here
  • Recaps based on other recaps. I can't watch every single game start to finish until someone gives me money to do it, since I do have to work occasionally to pay my rent and keep my cat in designer Rockies duds. But I always watch at least part of every game before writing about it. And I do not read anyone else's recap until I've published mine. So you can be sure the ideas you're getting are original, even if they aren't unique.
  • Trade talk. Hate it. From time to time, if there is a really serious rumor going around, I will address it just to keep from seeming entirely out of the loop. But for the most part, I'm very attached to all the players, especially the homegrown ones, and thinking about letting them go makes me sad.
  • Complicated stats. Not to say that things like WAR and FIP and WPA aren't important, but there are others who know way more about them than I do, and write better about them too. I'm down with the basics, and will reference them as frequently as they are relevant to the point I'm trying to make. I'm an ordinary fan, and I represent ordinary fans. All I aim to do is articulate what it was like to watch my team do this or that. When stats don't aid in that articulation, I don't use them.
What You Will Find Here
  • Pop songs reconfigured into cheesy post titles. 162 games is a lot, and I run out of ideas sometimes!
  • Some analysis. I frequently offer what I think are potential solutions to problems with the team. I think I'm decently well-informed, but these are obviously opinions, and I welcome argument and discussion. Please keep it clean and polite, but never hesitate to disagree if I say something you think is wrong.
  • Regular references to Twitter. Twitter is a huge part of my Rockies life these days, especially since I don't live in Denver. If you're not on it, you really must consider it. It makes watching games a far more pleasurable experience. And again, people who follow/tweet with me are much more likely to get mentioned here.
  • A LOT of passion. I'm a very involved and devoted fan. I get worked up easily over both good and bad things. If you're looking for straight reporting, you're probably in the wrong place. If you're looking for a longtime fan's experience of the game, then I'm your girl.

Random disclaimer: I use the term "RBIs" exclusively. I am perfectly aware that the correct term is "RBI" no matter how many there are. However, RBIs has entered the vernacular, and it's not going away, so I'm simply making a concession to that. I'm all for precision; it drives me nuts when people say "different than" or "try and," but these aren't going away either. So lest you think I don't know what RBI stands for, let me put your mind at ease. I do.