Off-Season Posting Schedule

This page is about a) my deep abiding love for lists, calendars, and anything else that makes life feel orderly and b) letting you, my faithful readers, know that if a day goes by without a post, that does not mean I have abandoned you! It's the off-season, it's true, and games are not being played six times a week, but there is still plenty to write about, and I intend to keep you engaged right up until Opening Day 2012.

Here's what you can expect from October-March before my recaps resume on April 7th.

October: I love the postseason, even when my team isn't in it. I'll be posting brief thoughts on each of the play-off series, heavily biased toward those teams that I want to win. Expect these about once every 2 days.


Sunday: Weekly Link Round-Up. A list of links from Rockies and general baseball sites that caught my eye throughout the week.

Monday: Rockies Retread: a story about a game from Rockies history. I have actual diary entries from 1995 describing my experience of particular games. Not as many as I wish I had, unfortunately, but I have other sources as well. This post will be dedicated to a game from the Rockies' past that meant something to the fan base. Note: I went through a long period in high school and college when I had little access to what the Rockies were doing outside of There were no blogs back then and I lived on the east coast, far from Denver papers. So sometimes I'll be writing about games I wasn't aware of as they were going on but that live on in the collective memory of Rockies fans.

Tuesday: NO POST

Wednesday: Rockies News. In this post I'll comment on anything noteworthy that occurred within the Rockies organization in the past week. Trades, rumors, injury updates, you name it.

Thursday: NO POST

Friday: Homegrown Homecoming. This feature will spotlight a former player, either homegrown or with the team for a substantial part of his career, and talk about his exploits since leaving the Rockies. If you're curious about the whereabouts of a particular player, feel free to leave a comment telling me who and I'll see what I can find out.

Saturday: NO POST

Additionally, I may post little news items as they come up.

March: Spring Training news and notes, with comments on individual and team performances, as well as my thoughts on who will make the opening day roster and who should. I'll continue to do my weekly link round-ups so you can see what other baseball writers are saying that's pertinent to the Rockies in 2012.